open positions 


Administrative Assistant (Part Time - 20 Hours)

Job Summary:

The Administrator will work closely with core leaders in the development of new and expanding ministry efforts. He/she will manage resources, represent the church publicly and privately, and oversee programs and processes. This is a forward-looking, mission-minded role, which will flex with the ministry and needs of the church.


Pastoral Team Assistant

  • Field website requests/emails for relevance, authenticity; receive phone calls

  • Assist with publishing and editing of blog posts

  • Administrate Annual Challenge (Reading, fasting, etc) management (email reminder, blog posts, event


  • Manage Church social media pages (Instagram and Facebook)

  • Itinerary management for PT travel and guest travel

  • Plan and schedule PCO roles

  • Maintain and updating church calendar

  • Maintain official church documents and update when necessary

  • Manage Insurance, Incorporation, Subscriptions. Give basic HR help

Events, Travel, Hosting Visitors

  • Recruit volunteers, order/shop for special food items, interface with vendors (keys, money, facility etc), promotion

  • Book, coordinate travel for PT, visitors, retreats; interface with visitors.

  • Research options for future events in the community

Sunday Team

  • Recruit, encourage and give feedback to volunteers

  • Keep inventory, delegate repairs/upgrades

  • Interface with usher, setup and worship team leads to ensure supplies and equipment are up to


  • Buy and set up groceries for coffee ministry if necessary. If purchased by someone else, assist them.


  • Maintain Heninger rental reservation. Pay at least 3 months in advance

  • Address maintenance issues, get gear for special events

Liturgy Assignments (Sunday morning)

  • Print PCO handout, interface with service lead

  • Orient guest speakers, members giving testimony etc. Submit honorarium etc.

  • Check facility for readiness, interface with Lead Operations Team for issues

Office Administration

  • Buy gifts, write cards for various purposes

  • Manage budget and ensure that expenses reflected in the budget match actual expenses

  • Write checks for members needing reimbursement

  • Other duties as assigned

Core Skills:

  • Verbal and written communication

  • Collaboration

  • Decision making

  • Self-management

Core Competencies:

  • Project Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Team Leadership

  • Office Administration


  • Church membership in good standing (or equivalent)

  • Minimum 2 years office/administrative experience

  • Possess the characteristics of a deacon