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Don't Settle For Locusts

God’s Loves Us Too Much To Allow Us To Settle For Our Sin

In last Sunday’s message from Joel 2, we read about the prophet Joel’s warning to the people of Judah of a coming judgment greater than the locust invasion of chapter 1 … if they remain in their sin. The irrationality of our sin is such that sometimes we’ll be content living with the consequences of our dishonor of God, while God stands ready to give us His blessings. For those who belong to God, Joel 2 teaches us to understand the warnings of God’s just judgment on sin to be a means to draw us back to fellowship with Him - something far greater than any sin promises.

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Positivity Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Fake Positivity Ignores A Very Real God

This Sunday marked the beginning of our fall sermon series in the Minor Prophets. Beginning in the book of Joel, we came across a Hebrew nation that had just endured a devastating locust invasion. It was not mere happenstance, but rather a consequence of the prolonged sin of God’s people and their unresponsiveness to the consequences of their sin. God then issues a consequence that they can’t ignore. It’s not, however, out of cruelty. Instead, it’s done out of love - to bring them back to Himself. The peoples’ willful ignorance of their own sin and its consequences had led them to miss what God was up to. The same is true in our lives. When we smooth over our disobedience with positivity and rationalization; when we ignore the very real consequences of our sins, we run the risk of missing the very real mercy of God drawing us back to Himself.

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Introducing the Prophets (Where to Turn When You are Fed Up)

You Need The Prophets … Really!

The 17 books at the end of the Old Testament are probably the 17 books you’re least familiar with in the Bible. They’re the books you’re least prone to read during your devotions. Rarely is a sermon series preached on them. They seem difficult to understand and impractical.

However, if you’re someone who’s fed up - with the world around you, with the vicious cycle of your circumstances or with your own inconsistency and hypocrisy, then there’s no better place to turn in the Bible than the prophets. These books help us to see our deep need for something other than ourselves and the solutions of the world. They bring us to our knees and make us cry out, “God, we need you to break this cycle!”.

For the next four months, we’ll be in the prophets Joel, Micah and Jonah.

This week, we unfortunately don’t have a sermon to listen to. Our church computer was stolen shortly after last Sunday’s service (pray that whoever stole it listens to the sermon!). However, we’ve uploaded the transcript so that you can READ last Sunday’s sermon. Read this introduction to the prophets to prepare for and get excited for what God might do over these next few months.

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What is the Gospel? Message #6: Return

Live Like Jesus Is Actually Coming Back

Prophets, for hundreds of years before Christ, had predicted that God would one day come to judge the living and the dead and finally make all things new. Jesus Himself had identified Himself as that very judge. He told His followers that after He died and was raised, that He would come back - to judge, but also to bring all who belong to Him to Himself. This is the final chapter to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

However, Peter writes in 2 Peter 3 to the Church in Rome … and to us … to remind us that we shouldn’t only be mentally convinced that Jesus is coming back. His future return should utterly change the way we live.

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What is the Gospel? Message #5: Response

Jesus has invited us to respond.

The fifth message in our “What Is The Gospel?” sermon series asked questions like, “what kind of response does the work of Christ require?” , “who can respond?”, and “who should respond?”. The Gospel tells us that Christ first responded in love toward us to successfully deal with our sin where we had failed. This initiative on the part of God bids everybody respond with the simple, yet infinitely profound posture of the heart called “faith”.

Listen to last week’s sermon from Romans 10:5-13 to learn more.

What is the Gospel? Message #4: Christ

The Heart Of The Message At The Heart Of Christianity

Jesus took what we did not want to give what we could not get. On the cross, Jesus exchanged our sin for His righteousness. The Father sent Him, the most valuable thing in creation, to pay our penalty that we might be reconciled to God. You can’t make it up. It’s the greatest story ever told. It’s the only essential message in all of history. It’s the only way to be saved. This is a message worth listening to.

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What is The Gospel? Message #3: Sin

Sin: The Bad News of The Gospel

Before the Gospel is good new, it is first bad news. It may seem easier and more comfortable to pretend like this bad news doesn’t exist, but in reality, this bad news is the underlying cause for every evil act, every injustice and every disaster on this earth. Furthermore, without this bad news, we’d have no need for the good news. Listen to the third message in our “What Is The Gospel?” series to understand exactly why we so desperately need the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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What Is The Gospel? Message #2: Man

Created In The Image Of God

God created all things. But He set a particular focus on creating humans. No other creature in the entire created realm received the attention that humans received. Created with the very image of God, His character, His likeness, within them. Created for relationship with the Creator of the universe. Created with the capacity to love. Created for a purpose. Listen to the second message in our “What Is The Gospel?” summer sermon series to discover God’s intent in creating you.

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"What Is The Gospel?" - Message #1: God

If God Is There, Everything Changes

This summer, we’ll spend six weeks exploring the contours of the message of “Good News” under six sequential headings which will help us to both understand, explain and believe God’s message of salvation. This past Sunday was the first message in the series, which explored the reality of a God who has always been there, who has always been good and yet, has always been King. Stay tuned for the next five messages in our series.







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The Journey in John Comes to a Close

After nearly a year in the Gospel of John, we’ve finally, and somewhat sadly, concluded all 21 chapters. Though the journey through the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus has completed, our walk with Him as Christians will continue until the day He returns. Listen to last week’s message to discover what the resurrected Jesus’ priorities are for those who seek to continue to follow Him.

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