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Like, Share and Watch Our New Intro Video

A Tool To Tell Our Neighbors Who We Are And Why We’re Here

Through the collaborative efforts of In House Strategy and Israel Carbajal, we’ve put together short 1.5 minute video that explains who we are as a church and why we’re here in Santa Ana. Take a moment to watch it and be reminded of what God has done and is doing through this small church. Be inspired to continue on in faith for what God might do through you personally.

You can also share this video on Facebook and Instagram. Our hope is that more Santa Ana neighbors become aware that we’re here, providing opportunities to share with them the joy of Jesus. Please pray toward that very end.

What is the Gospel? Part 1: God

This Summer Marks The First Message In Our Summer Sermon Series

Can you answer that question? Can your friends, neighbors and family members? In order to believe the Gospel, a person must first rightly understand the Gospel. This summer, we’ll spend six weeks exploring the contours of the message of “Good News” under six sequential headings which will help us to both understand, explain and believe God’s message of salvation.







This Sunday is the first “facet” of the Gospel: God.

Serving Our Sister Church

A Small Gift Of Gratitude To The Church That Sent Us …

Jeff Schlieder, whom we have had the privilege of watching grow as a preacher of God’s Word in Santa Ana, spent this past Sunday in Orange. He sent greetings from Santa Ana and proclaimed the Gospel to the city just north of us. In one sense, this was simply another guest preaching appearance. In another, this was an expression of gratitude from a small church plant to the church who sacrificed people like Jeff to see the Gospel proclaimed in another city. We praise God for our sister church and for the opportunity to continue in partnership with them.

The Journey in John Comes to a Close

After nearly a year in the Gospel of John, we’ve finally, and somewhat sadly, concluded all 21 chapters. Though the journey through the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus has completed, our walk with Him as Christians will continue until the day He returns. Listen to last week’s message to discover what the resurrected Jesus’ priorities are for those who seek to continue to follow Him.

Listen to the message here.

First Friday Fast


This year, we'll be spending the first Friday of every month fasting together and praying for a particular topic. Church members who fast for all 12 Fridays will be invited to a year-end party to celebrate the answers to our prayers. If fasting is new to you, here are some instructions. 

This month, we’re praying for the Gospel to remain central in our church. Here are a few ideas to guide your prayer:

  • Pray that God would guide the hearts and minds of leaders in the church to be wholly dependent on Christ in their leadership, knowing that “Gospel-centrality” does not simply happen by accident

  • Pray that the message of the Gospel would continue to infuse the songs we sing and the sermons we hear

  • Pray that, by the power of the Spirit, God would help us each to be able to more readily and more fully apply the Gospel to our real-life situations and those of others around us

  • Pray that new members and guests would come to understand the fullness and the beauty of the Gospel and so be equipped to tell it to others

  • Pray for the Gospel to bear fruit in our neighborhood - through the making and maturing of new disciples of Jesus Christ

Small Groups this Friday

Prayerfully Prepare to Serve and Be Served By Your Friends

Let’s be honest. Small groups are not always convenient in our schedules. They come at the end of a busy week. You’re tired. You have 100 other things on your mind. A night in would be so welcomed …

If that’s you, you’re not alone. BUT in moments of distraction and fatigue, what we discover on almost every occasion is that nothing refreshes and rejuvenates like God’s Word and rich fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our small groups are context in which the Gospel is applied to real life - to the very real life situations that press so hard on your heart. We need friends to help us make that application. We need friends to help us redirect our attention away from ourselves and our circumstances and toward the one whose grace is sufficient for you in every circumstance.

This week, go about your busy and oftentimes stressful week with Friday in mind. Whose needs can you be praying for? What can you be praying for God to do at your small group meeting? What that the Lord has been teaching you can you come prepared to share with someone else?

See you at small group. Prepare to be surprised and refreshed by God’s grace.

"What is the Gospel?" Summer Series Starting in 2 Weeks

A Series For The Doubters and The Curious; Cynics and Believers Alike

This all-important question has implications for everyone. Every single one of our neighbors. All of your friends and family.

This series will be one spoken in the language of the common person. It will address doubts and suspicions with honesty and respect. It won’t be a series filled with “Christianese”. Invite your friends and neighbors to this discussion concerning the message of the Gospel and what it has to do with any one of us.

Read Psalm 22 & Isaiah 53 This Week

Your Homework For This Week

During this past Sunday’s message, we read John’s account of the crucifixion. John’s priority was to demonstrate Jesus; sovereign control over even His own death. How was this demonstrated? As Jesus fulfilled the Scriptures over and over again even in His dying moments. The Romans and Jews and Satan were all playing right into God’s hands. Two of the most prominently quoted Old Testament passages are Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22.

Your “homework” for this week is to read through both of these passages. Meditate on them. Listen for the echoes of the cross. See the wisdom of God. Marvel at the sovereignty of God over history. Allow your understand of them to help you appreciate the magnificence of God’s unbroken plan of salvation that began millennia before the cross itself.

The Cross of Christ: The Hinge of History

What History and The Book of John All Hinge Upon

The crucifixion of Jesus. It’s both cruel and gracious. Horrific and beautiful. Shameful and infinitely victorious. It was the moment when Satan seemed to have struck the final death blow to God’s purposes, yet, in all actuality, when Jesus struck the final deathblow not only to satan, but sin and death itself. Listen to last week’s sermon and learn about the history-altering, life-transforming reality of the cross of Christ which makes a claim on every single one of our lives.

Listen to the sermon here.