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Welcome to Our Newest Members

What is church membership?

Paul says in Ephesians 4:25 that we are one body, yet “members one of another”. So, think of church membership not so much as “membership in a club” and more as an expression of commitment to the people around you. The Bible is full of “one anothers” - commands toward believers to act in godliness toward other people. What Scripture makes clear is that these “others” refer to a specific group of people and not all people generally. These others are the men and women identified in a particular local church. As members of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana, we have the privilege of living out the Christian life with one another. We celebrate and grieve with one another. We build deep relationship with one another. We join arms to advance the joy of Jesus in a particular neighborhood with one another. We help one another pursue holiness. We remind one another of the sweetness of the Gospel.

In light of this, we praise God for the new members, Peter, Luci and Emilio, we had the joy of introducing this last Sunday. We look forward to joining you in the spread of the joy of Jesus in Downtown Santa Ana.

Register for the Fall 2019 Class

Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life

Our fall 2019 class begins Monday, September 9 and will cover the important subject of “spiritual disciplines”. During a small group study of “the pursuit of holiness”, this course will take you deeper into what that grace-motivated pursuit looks like in the particulars of the daily Christian life.

If You’d Like To Join, Register Soon

It will be a six-session course taking place on the second and fourth Mondays of September, October and November. Men and women, English and Spanish speakers alike may register. Minimum age of participation is 14 (high school age and up). Childcare for this course will not be provided and registrations will be capped at 12 participants.

Register for the class here.

Those Doughnuts Don't Buy Themselves ...

We Thank God For The Cunninghams

Every Sunday morning, the vast majority of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana works hard and joyfully sacrifices for God’s glory and the good of our neighbors. But there’s one couple who goes above and beyond. Silently, inviting no recognition or thanks, Jim and Angie Cunningham roll up - box of doughnuts (or conchas) and carafe of coffee in-hand - and set up a refreshment table. It’s a small, yet significant gesture that reflects the generosity and the grace of the God we gather to praise. Thank you, Jim and Angie, for your example of joyful generosity week in and week out.

Next Sunday, take the opportunity to thank Jim and Angie - or anybody else you see serving with a joyful heart. It honors God and acknowledges His grace that’s at work in the lives of every member of our church.

Pray for Heninger Teachers & Students this Week

School Is Back In Session This Week

Just last week, we purchased and dropped off supplies to bless teachers as they go about their very important work of educating the next generation in our neighborhood. This week, please pray for them, their administration and the students who will be filling their classrooms. Pray for wisdom to teach what honors God and that children would enter a new school year filled with growth, achievement and learning about the truth of God’s world around them.

Small Groups this Friday


North small group @ the Erkelens home

Central small group @ the Houlton home

Spanish Speaking small group @ the Houlton home

For questions and directions, please contact

Don't Settle For Locusts

God’s Loves Us Too Much To Allow Us To Settle For Our Sin

In last Sunday’s message from Joel 2, we read about the prophet Joel’s warning to the people of Judah of a coming judgment greater than the locust invasion of chapter 1 … if they remain in their sin. The irrationality of our sin is such that sometimes we’ll be content living with the consequences of our dishonor of God, while God stands ready to give us His blessings. For those who belong to God, Joel 2 teaches us to understand the warnings of God’s just judgment on sin to be a means to draw us back to fellowship with Him - something far greater than any sin promises.

Listen to the message here

Welcoming New Members this Sunday

God Is Adding Laborers For The Harvest

This upcoming Sunday, we have the privilege of welcoming new members into our midst. These are people who have committed to participating in the life of the church and performing the “one anothers” with this local body of Christ. They’re also individuals whom we, as a church, commit to so the same with and for. We praise God for His grace and the evidence of the advancement of His Gospel through Santa Ana.

New Song on Sunday - Hay Libertad

What an exciting time this is to be doing ministry. As we grow as a church and impact both English and Spanish speakers, we’re actively working to introduce good, theologically sound, Spanish songs to our congregation. With that in mind - over the next 10 weeks, we’ll be introducing a number of new Spanish songs into our Sunday morning Liturgy. Some of the songs will be hymns or recognizable Sovereign Grace songs. Some will be songs that were written exclusively in Spanish.

This upcoming Sunday we will be introducing "Hay Libertad." You can listen to the song here. The lyrics are below, in both English & Spanish. Please take a few moments this week to listen to and read through this song in preparation for Sunday.

When Christ returns, all nations will proclaim that He is Lord. When we sing on Sundays, we’re experiencing a foretaste of that very reality.


Las cadenas de la muerte me quitó

Para mí ya no hay condenación

Hay libertad, libertad

Siendo esclavo del pecado me libró

En la cruz compró mi redención

Y libertad, libertadd


Rompió mis cadenas

Me dio vida nueva

Y al fondo del mar echó mi maldad

Lavó mis pecados

Y me ha perdonado

Solo en el nombre de Jesús

Hay libertad


Yo proclamo al que en la cruz por mí murió

Y cambió mi duro corazón

Por libertad, libertad

El poder de su evangelio me salvó

Y no me avergüenzo del Señor

Mi libertad, libertad


Al que el Hijo hace libre

Es libre en verdad


The chains of death you took away 

For me there is no condemnation 

There is freedom, freedom 

Being a slave to sin, you freed me 

On the cross he bought my redemption 

And freedom, freedom 


My chains are now broken

He gave me a new life

And at the bottom of the sea he cast my evil 

He washed my sins 

And he has forgiven me 

Only in the name of Jesus 

There is freedom 


I proclaim the one who died on the cross for me 

And changed my hard heart 

For freedom, freedom 

The power of his gospel has saved me 

And I'm not ashamed of the Lord 

My freedom, freedom 


Who the Son sets free

is free indeed

Pray for Restoration Through The Gospel In El Paso

Our Sister Church, Cross of Grace Church In El Paso

El Paso is a city that in many ways is very much like our city. For many reasons, the tragic shooting that took place this past weekend hit closer to home than others. It makes us long for the day when Christ will return to make all things new. It also makes us hope for true recovery, restoration and peace for the city through the Gospel. Thankfully, we have a sister church, Cross of Grace Church, who are mere miles from the site of the shooting.

Last Sunday’s Offering Will Go Towards Recovery Efforts In El Paso

As an expression of solidarity, last Sunday’s offering was taken in order to be sent directly to Cross fo Grace Church that they might be even more effective in ministering the Gospel in the wake of this tragedy. Please pray for God to use these funds for His glory and the good of the city.

If you’d like to know how else you can pray for El Paso, read Cross of Grace pastor Ricky Alcantar’s article, 6 Ways You Can Pray For El Paso.

If you’d like to donate directly to the victims’ families fund, you can do so here.