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Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

Jesus Is Not Leaving Forever

The disciples’ hearts were in turmoil on the night of the Last Supper. They had just learned He would soon be leaving them. But their lives were about to be turned upside down as they watched him within the next 24 hours fall into the hands of His enemies, being crucified and killed. Yet, Jesus looks at His friends and says, “let not your hearts be troubled” and follows this with rock-solid reasons for why the disciples - and any other Christian - can have security of soul even when the rug has been puled out from under your life. Listen to last week’s sermon from John 14:1-14.

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You Won't Last The Night

Jesus Did Not Come Merely To Be An Example

This past Sunday, Kyle preached from John 13:21-38. In it, we hear Jesus tell Peter that despite his best intentions, he won’t last the night before denying Jesus. This illuminates a significant principle in our followership of Jesus: following Jesus’ example does not equate to being a follower of Jesus. Why? Because there’s nobody who can follow Him on the path to where He’s going without ever falling off the path. Jesus came to be more than an example. Thus, there is something more fundamental to following Him than following His example. Listen to the sermon to find out more.

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Use Your High Position To Go Low

Serving Others Is How We Represent Jesus Best

Nobody has a higher position than Jesus. Yet in John 13:1-20, Jesus literally stoops low to wash the feet of His friends. He follows this action with the words “you also ought to wash one another’s feet”. Jesus instructs His followers - His representatives in this world - to go low. Going low to lift others up should characterize the life of the Christian. By God’s grace, going low characterizes Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana. Despite this, there’s room for each one of us to learn from Jesus and one another and excel still more.

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Set Apart By God's Grace

A New Nation and Race - Spiritually Defined

From September through December of 2018, 5 men from within Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana underwent a 6-session course titled “the preachers club”. Any man who aspired to or even thought about growing in the gift of preaching and teaching was invited. For four months, through discussion, reading and actual sermon preparation, the members of this “club” grew in their understanding of the craft of preaching God’s holy, inerrant Word. Whether or not these men become pastors; whether or not they each preach the sermons they’ve written, God is glorified as members of this local church seek to grow in their gifts for the building up of His church.

This past Sunday, we had the treat of hearing God’s Word preached from one of those men - Mike Alvarez. Listen to his sermon from 1 Peter 2:9-12.

Listen to the sermon here.

Time and Glory

You Came To This Hour For The Glory of God

This past Sunday, as Kyle preached John 12:27-50, we heard the last words of Jesus’ public ministry. The emphasis was on time and glory. Jesus’ “hour” had come. The time had run out to hear the words of the Son of Man. The decision was before them: live for the glory of God or for the glory of man? The same decision is before us.

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Are You Willing To Follow Jesus?

To Follow Jesus Is To Follow Him On The Hard Road To Glory

There were many who wanted to follow Jesus while He was on earth. As He entered Jerusalem thousands hailed Him as King. They wanted to follow Him as their leader. But Jesus made it clear what exactly it means to follow Him. In John 12:12-26, we discover that following Jesus leads to glory - even honor from God the Father. But it also requires walking a hard road. And Jesus was about to demonstrate just how hard that road can be. Listen to last week’s sermon to learn more.

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When Our Hearts Correspond To Jesus' Worth

There Is No Limit To The Love You’re Allowed To Show For Jesus

Mary poured $26,000 worth of oil on the feet of Jesus. Was this display of love too extravagant? Judas seemed to think so. Jesus, however, stopped Judas in his tracks and commended Mary for her actions. How much love should we demonstrate to Jesus in our lives? How worthwhile is He of our love in concrete terms? Listen to last week’s sermon from John 12:1-12.

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(Plus, apparently, last Sunday was also red shirts and jeans day. Sorry to those who missed the memo)

Jesus Is Worth It

Whatever Your “It” Is

This past Sunday, we had the joy of hosting Eric Turbedsky, senior pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Orange. He preached from Matthew 13:44. One verse. One short parable. One simple concept: Jesus is worth it. Like the man who sold everything to purchase the treasure he found in a field, so it is our joy to give everything not to get, but because we’ve already found and have the greatest treasure this world has ever known.

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God Beats Evil At Its Own Game

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

God uses sin to beat sin by substituting the sinless in the place of the sinner. Oftentimes in the world around us, it looks like sin is winning. Yet, John 11:45-57 teaches us that sin has no power over God’s purposes. What appears to be the most evil, sinful words ever spoken were in fact words that God used to carry out the death of His Son, which in turn accomplished the defeat of sin. In sin’s most evil moment, God made sin commit its own suicide. While sin may appear to be thwarting God’s purposes in the world around you and within your heart, God’s purposes will always prevail.

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Love Deeper Than You Deepest Sorrow

In our return to our series in the book of John, Kyle preached from John 11:1-44 concerning a theme that very few of us enjoy thinking about: death. It’s the single greatest human sorrow and we shudder to for a moment consider that even those whom we love most will one day die. While many comforting words are offered to dull the pain following the death of a loved one, few actually hold out any true hope. Yet, what we find in the story of the resurrection of Lazarus is a story of love - love found in the most unlikely of places - love that reaches into the deepest of sorrows and offers a hope more substantial than any other.

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