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God Beats Evil At Its Own Game

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

God uses sin to beat sin by substituting the sinless in the place of the sinner. Oftentimes in the world around us, it looks like sin is winning. Yet, John 11:45-57 teaches us that sin has no power over God’s purposes. What appears to be the most evil, sinful words ever spoken were in fact words that God used to carry out the death of His Son, which in turn accomplished the defeat of sin. In sin’s most evil moment, God made sin commit its own suicide. While sin may appear to be thwarting God’s purposes in the world around you and within your heart, God’s purposes will always prevail.

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Love Deeper Than You Deepest Sorrow

In our return to our series in the book of John, Kyle preached from John 11:1-44 concerning a theme that very few of us enjoy thinking about: death. It’s the single greatest human sorrow and we shudder to for a moment consider that even those whom we love most will one day die. While many comforting words are offered to dull the pain following the death of a loved one, few actually hold out any true hope. Yet, what we find in the story of the resurrection of Lazarus is a story of love - love found in the most unlikely of places - love that reaches into the deepest of sorrows and offers a hope more substantial than any other.

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Our Priority In 2019

Dependence On The Holy Spirit

The power of God’s Spirit is the power of this local church. As Sovereign Grace Santa Ana heads into its second calendar year of existence, what we ultimately need is not more money, more people, more resources or more effort. We need a greater and deeper dependence on God. Click below to listen to the last sermon of 2018.

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Joseph - In Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Jesus is With You In Between Your Rock and Hard Place

This past Sunday, Cristopher Erkelens continued our four-message series concerning “The Cast of Christmas” by looking at the life and circumstances of Joseph. When Matthew 1:18-25 is read honestly, we realize the Joseph was caught in between two awful, life-altering decisions. There seemed to be no good solution. But when the Angel, Gabriel appeared to him in a dream, it was revealed to Joseph that the baby his fiancé was pregnant with was God come to be present with him - even in that lonely space between a rock and a hard place. Furthermore, what Joseph would come to find is that that baby would give Himself for Joseph in between an even greater rock and hard place. The message Joseph received is the same message for us today,

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Mary - The Girl Who Teaches Us About God's Grace

God Gives Grace To Those Who Need Grace

In the second message in our Christmas series, Pastor Kyle preached from Luke 1:26-38 concerning a young girl named Mary. This young girl is considered by many the world over as sinless and able to dispense God’s grace. Hardly an ordinary person. However, the Biblical account rather teaches us about a Mary who, rather than being able to dispense grace, is desperately in need of it. More importantly, it teaches us about a God who delights to give grace and to give it through a King whose Kingdom will never end.

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The Cast of Christmas

Zechariah: An Ordinary Man Through Whom God Accomplished The Extraordinary

The story of the birth of Christ is one of the most unfathomably awesome stories ever told. What makes it infinitely more incredible is that it’s real. This Christmas, we’re being introduced to four real characters of the real story of Christmas, who in turn introduce us to the story’s central character. Listen to the first message in our series about Zechariah, the man God used to bring the forerunner to the Messiah into the world.

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You Can't Argue With His Works

Jesus Is God At Work

Jesus did many works while on earth. In this last Sunday’s message out of John 10:22-42, Jesus explains in His own words what the meaning of His works are. More than just a history lesson, though; Jesus is continuing to work today - saving sanctifying, sustaining. His words concerning His works apply just as much today as they did then. Jesus was and continues to be God at work.

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Jesus Is The Good Shepherd

The Leader We Need Is a Leader Who Bleeds

Is authority good or bad? Should you submit to authority? Do we need leaders in our time? If so, what kind of leader should we follow? In John 10, Jesus addresses these questions and others through the imagery of a Shepherd and sheep. He makes it clear that there are leaders with poor intentions- and they’re everywhere. But there is one leader that everyone should follow. Because He’s good. We know He’s good because He’s willing to go to the greatest lengths possible to care for His sheep.

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Darkness and Slavery

Jesus Offers The Solution To Anyone Who Acknowledges The Problem

Sin is behind all human suffering and all brokenness in the world. Jesus makes it clear that sin originates in the heart. It produces darkness and bondage. Oftentimes, we detour and deny, unwilling to admit that the problem isn’t “out there” but actually within our very own hearts. The problem is grim, but the solution is grander than you could imagine - Jesus Himself is Light and Freedom.

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