The Discipline of Bible Intake

The participants in this year’s fall class - Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life - discussed last night one of the most vital practices for any believer anywhere in the world - Bible intake. Whether it’s through hearing the Bible, reading the Bible, meditating on the Bible, memorizing the Bible or studying the Bible, being exposed to God’s Word on a daily basis is one of our souls’ deepest needs. Below, we’ve included some resources to help you grow in two particular areas of Bible intake - even if you’re not a part of the class.

Scripture Memory

The Navigators Topical Memory System

An Approach to Memorizing Longer Passages Scripture Memory Program

Bible Reading

The Gospel Coalition’s List of Bible Reading Plans

Ligonier’s List of Bible Reading Plans

ESV’s List of Bible Reading Plans

The “Reading Plan App” - If you’re looking for a way to digitally organize your Bible reading plan

Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan - If you’re feeling extra ambitious

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