Our First Member's Meeting is on September 8th


Immediately After Church

Beginning on September 8, we’ll begin hosting twice-annual members meetings. These meetings will always fall on a Sunday and will take place immediately after church at our Sunday meeting location. What’s different about these meetings? Church member meetings are moments in the life of the church when we evaluate what the Lord has done in the past 6 months and look forward with faith toward what we believe the Lord will do among us and through us in our neighborhood. We celebrate what He’s doing. We pray for what we hope that He’ll do.

There Will Be Lunch Available For All For A very Small Fee

We understand that after church, stomachs are grumbling and lunch is the logical next step. A lunch that’s friendly to dietary restrictions will be provided at a small cost. No more than $3 per person. We’ll try to keep the meeting under an hour to respect your time.

A Meeting For Members, But Guests Are Welcome

Finally, all members of the church are expected to attend these meetings. Given the occasional nature of these meetings and the importance of the topics discussed, we appreciate you prioritizing this meeting. All guests and non-members are welcome to attend as well, however, for anyone who’s interested in hearing about how God is working in and through Sovereign Grace Santa Ana.