Welcome to Our Newest Members


What is church membership?

Paul says in Ephesians 4:25 that we are one body, yet “members one of another”. So, think of church membership not so much as “membership in a club” and more as an expression of commitment to the people around you. The Bible is full of “one anothers” - commands toward believers to act in godliness toward other people. What Scripture makes clear is that these “others” refer to a specific group of people and not all people generally. These others are the men and women identified in a particular local church. As members of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana, we have the privilege of living out the Christian life with one another. We celebrate and grieve with one another. We build deep relationship with one another. We join arms to advance the joy of Jesus in a particular neighborhood with one another. We help one another pursue holiness. We remind one another of the sweetness of the Gospel.

In light of this, we praise God for the new members, Peter, Luci and Emilio, we had the joy of introducing this last Sunday. We look forward to joining you in the spread of the joy of Jesus in Downtown Santa Ana.