Those Doughnuts Don't Buy Themselves ...


We Thank God For The Cunninghams

Every Sunday morning, the vast majority of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana works hard and joyfully sacrifices for God’s glory and the good of our neighbors. But there’s one couple who goes above and beyond. Silently, inviting no recognition or thanks, Jim and Angie Cunningham roll up - box of doughnuts (or conchas) and carafe of coffee in-hand - and set up a refreshment table. It’s a small, yet significant gesture that reflects the generosity and the grace of the God we gather to praise. Thank you, Jim and Angie, for your example of joyful generosity week in and week out.

Next Sunday, take the opportunity to thank Jim and Angie - or anybody else you see serving with a joyful heart. It honors God and acknowledges His grace that’s at work in the lives of every member of our church.