Sending Out Daniel for God's Glory


Daniel Is Returning To Colombia

Daniel Latorre, a member of Sovereign Grace Santa Ana, has been with us for nearly 6 months. In that short period of time, he has become an integral part of this local body of Christ. Now, for a variety of circumstances outside of his control, he’s returning to Colombia later this week. He doesn’t know what’s next for him. We don’t know if he’ll ever be back.

What We Do Know Is That God Will Use Daniel For His Glory

It can be difficult when people leave. Especially when they’ve become so dear to us. However, because of Christ, our sadness stops short. Because in one sense, we are “sending Daniel out”. He carries the Gospel message. He is an ambassador of Christ. This message has become even more implanted in Him during his time with us. And now, according to God’s purposes, it’s time for him to take that message to a new neighborhood in another country.

We’re sad to see Daniel go, but we send him out with faith that God will use him in tremendous ways for His glory and the good of the neighbors he’s surrounded by.