Introducing the Prophets (Where to Turn When You are Fed Up)


You Need The Prophets … Really!

The 17 books at the end of the Old Testament are probably the 17 books you’re least familiar with in the Bible. They’re the books you’re least prone to read during your devotions. Rarely is a sermon series preached on them. They seem difficult to understand and impractical.

However, if you’re someone who’s fed up - with the world around you, with the vicious cycle of your circumstances or with your own inconsistency and hypocrisy, then there’s no better place to turn in the Bible than the prophets. These books help us to see our deep need for something other than ourselves and the solutions of the world. They bring us to our knees and make us cry out, “God, we need you to break this cycle!”.

For the next four months, we’ll be in the prophets Joel, Micah and Jonah.

This week, we unfortunately don’t have a sermon to listen to. Our church computer was stolen shortly after last Sunday’s service (pray that whoever stole it listens to the sermon!). However, we’ve uploaded the transcript so that you can READ last Sunday’s sermon. Read this introduction to the prophets to prepare for and get excited for what God might do over these next few months.

Read the message here.