First Friday Fast



This year, we'll be spending the first Friday of every month fasting together and praying for a particular topic. Church members who fast for all 12 Fridays will be invited to a year-end party to celebrate the answers to our prayers. If fasting is new to you, here are some instructions. 

This month, in light of the prior day’s Fourth of July celebration, we’re praying for the theme of “freedom”. Here are a few ideas to guide your prayer:

  • Pray for the freedom of our neighbors - freedom from the slavery and oppression of sin through the librating message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Pray for a better understanding of freedom - freedom is largely misunderstood in our world. It’s seen as liberty from any authority, rules or boundaries. In reality, that’s chaos. Pray for a biblical understanding of freedom: Freedom to do God’s will and live with joy and peace in the love of God the Father

  • Pray for physical freedom - there are some in our city who are experiencing physical slavery and oppression. Young boys “enslaved” to particular violent gangs. Young girls enslaved in human trafficking. Battered wives “enslaved” by abusive boyfriends and husbands. Pray for God’s mercy upon these who are in the midst of suffering.

  • Pray for freedom for our church - Pray for the members of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana to live within the freedom of God’s grace and not to return to the oppression of living under the Law or living under sin (Galatians 3)