Small Groups this Friday


Prayerfully Prepare to Serve and Be Served By Your Friends

Let’s be honest. Small groups are not always convenient in our schedules. They come at the end of a busy week. You’re tired. You have 100 other things on your mind. A night in would be so welcomed …

If that’s you, you’re not alone. BUT in moments of distraction and fatigue, what we discover on almost every occasion is that nothing refreshes and rejuvenates like God’s Word and rich fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our small groups are context in which the Gospel is applied to real life - to the very real life situations that press so hard on your heart. We need friends to help us make that application. We need friends to help us redirect our attention away from ourselves and our circumstances and toward the one whose grace is sufficient for you in every circumstance.

This week, go about your busy and oftentimes stressful week with Friday in mind. Whose needs can you be praying for? What can you be praying for God to do at your small group meeting? What that the Lord has been teaching you can you come prepared to share with someone else?

See you at small group. Prepare to be surprised and refreshed by God’s grace.