Pray for the Roches


A Couple Laying Their Lives Down For Their Neighbors

Kyle and Cat Roche live where they live not because it’s their favorite spot in Orange County, but because it’s where the people that God has given them a burden for are living.

After growing up in the overseas mission field in the Middle East, Cat met Kyle in college in Riverside, California. They’ve since relocated to Orange County and specifically to Little Arabia. Since then, the Lord has used them in big ways to build relationships and spread the joy of Jesus to a population of people who know little of the joy of Jesus.

Their example is one worth following. As a neighborhood church in Downtown Santa Ana, we pray for opportunities for our members to live right in the midst of our neighbors and for opportunities to know and love and befriend our immediate neighbors.

Why do we celebrate that Kyle and Cat are reaching their neighbors all the way up in Anaheim, then? Because there are people all throughout Orange County who need the Gospel and we endeavor to be a church-planting church. Perhaps the Lord will use them to be a part of the next Sovereign Grace Church plant right near Little Arabia in Anaheim …

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