We Support And Are Supported By Churches in Our Region


Many Different Kinds of Support

From Thursday, May 2 through Saturday, May 4, 21 leaders from 8 Sovereign Grace Churches gathered in Orange County for an annual Regional Assembly of Elders Retreat. This “regional assembly” is a representation of our partnership with these particular churches from Pasadena and Orange, California; Tucson, Yuma and Gilbert, Arizona; and Westminster and Aurora, Colorado. While we love and pray for all Gospel-proclaiming churches in our city, we have a special kind of partnership with these churches. There is a commitment to accountability in our statement of faith. There is accountability for pastors in their leadership of churches through a regional judiciary committee. There is a mutual commitment to financial support of the Gospel mission in new church planting efforts in our regions. The benefits of our partnership go on and on and we’re grateful for our partner churches in the west.

Please continue to pray for these churches and for future church planting efforts within our region!