We are Celebrating Our Risen Savior on Sunday

Easter Invite.png

A Sunday To Tell Our Neighbors About Our Living Hope

Easter Sunday comes around once every year. It’s an opportunity to get dressed up more than usual. It’s an opportunity to see everything in pastel colors. It’s an opportunity to focus on and celebrate a particular element of the Gospel. It’s also an opportunity to engage with, meet and love our neighbors in a way that we rarely have the opportunity to do. Church attendance on Easter Sunday typically increases dramatically around America. What does this mean for Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana? It just means we have another chance to spread the joy of Jesus in Downtown Santa Ana. 

If you’re serving this Sunday, please make it a priority to come early. We’ll be having an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos and serving pan dulce and tamales at 10:00am. This means that all other setup and rehearsal needs to be 100% completed by 10:00am. Even if you’re not scheduled for setup team, please consider showing up early to assist with setup so that we can be best positioned to meet and serve our neighbors … and spread the joy of a LIVING Jesus.