Friday's Field Trip Was a Night to Remember


Effective Personal Ministry - Listening and Loving

This past Friday, our small groups travelled up to the city of Orange to join our brothers and sisters from Sovereign Grace Church of Orange for a seminar with Andy Farmer concerning what it means to “counsel” one another well. Many thank to both our sister church and Andy Farmer for helping us to grow in our ability to serve one another through this outstanding seminar.

Love, Know, Speak Do

Though we tend to want to assume we know what other people are going through, what the sin issues is in their hearts and even to know the appropriate solution, there are a couple steps that must always take precedence over the impulse to speak. Genuinely loving - expressing affection, care and concern and then genuinely seeking to know - asking open-ended, thoughtful questions, help us to then speak intelligently, humbly and faithfully toward one anthers’ real life situations.

Our small groups will be discussing this paradigm and how we can each grow in these areas the next time our small groups meet on Friday, April 5.