Set Apart By God's Grace


A New Nation and Race - Spiritually Defined

From September through December of 2018, 5 men from within Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana underwent a 6-session course titled “the preachers club”. Any man who aspired to or even thought about growing in the gift of preaching and teaching was invited. For four months, through discussion, reading and actual sermon preparation, the members of this “club” grew in their understanding of the craft of preaching God’s holy, inerrant Word. Whether or not these men become pastors; whether or not they each preach the sermons they’ve written, God is glorified as members of this local church seek to grow in their gifts for the building up of His church.

This past Sunday, we had the treat of hearing God’s Word preached from one of those men - Mike Alvarez. Listen to his sermon from 1 Peter 2:9-12.

Listen to the sermon here.