Announcing "Picnic in the Promenade"!


Sunday, October 7 @ The 2nd Street Promenade

Oftentimes on Sundays, once we’re dismissed from the service, our time together has only just begun. We have a church full of people who love one another and love their neighbors. We want to provide ample outlets for that love.

We’re excited to announce that:

On The First Sunday of Every Other Month

We’ll all head over to the 2nd Street Promenade immediately after church to have lunch amongst our neighbors. Here are the details:

  • It’s “BYOL” (bring your own lunch). If you forget your lunch or your favorite lunchbox isn’t clean, there are plenty of great restaurants right there and you can even get some great food at the Farmer’s Market that lasts from 11-3 every Sunday!

  • It’s optional - but we highly encourage coming!

  • Bring some folding chairs - unless you like sitting on bricks, bring something to sit on; a blanket at least.

  • Expect the Lord to build existing relationships and create new ones with our neighbors

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