One Of The Greatest Moments In The Life Of A Church


Baptism Throbs With The Movement Of The Gospel

Eli and Miguel confessed their faith in Jesus Christ before a crowd of family, friends and church family. They were then immersed in a pool of water and raised out from the water - a moment full of profound symbolism.

Baptism doesn't save anybody. Baptism, however, demonstrates and symbolizes that a saving work has occurred. It's an outward sign of an inward work.

Baptism Reminds Us That Jesus Is Saving Santa Anans

We could hardly be more grateful for the two young men who were baptized as a matter of obedience. But it also gives us a fervor for more. We exist to spread the joy of Jesus. Baptism is an evidence that His joy is spreading. Pray that we would have the privilege of baptizing more and more men and women in Downtown Santa Ana.