August First Friday Fast

Friday, August 3

This year, we'll be spending the first Friday of every month. Church members who fast for all 12 Fridays (all 11 since we missed January) will be invited to a year-end party to celebrate the answers to our prayers. If fasting is new to you, here are some instructions. 

The focus for August will be "Men":

  • Pray that God would save men, young and old, from within Santa Ana
  • Pray that husbands would sacrificially and faithfully love their wives
  • Pray that fathers would be present and involved in the raising of their children
  • Pray that additional men would courageously take up the torch of leadership in the church
  • Pray for men who find a sense of family in gangs to find a better family in the church
  • Pray that boys would become godly men through the godly example of the men around them
  • Pray for single men to be brilliant examples of fidelity to Christ