The Redeemer Who Foreshadows Our Redeemer


At Sovereign Grace Church Santa Ana, we believe that God is multiplying and maturing disciples of Christ - who will serve the body in many and multiple ways to His glory. We want to do all that we can to ensure each member is able to use the gifts the the Spirit has given them. In other words, we want to invest in the dear brothers and sisters God has given to us. At times, this investment comes in the form of giving men opportunities to preach and develop a potential gift of teaching. Through this investment, we believe that God will build, and sustain, this local church. The next generation of teachers, preachers and leaders are likely sitting among us. 

This last Sunday, we had the privilege of hearing from Mike Alvarez, a man who usually uses his gifts as a musician to lead us in worship on Sundays. On this occasion, he stood behind the pulpit and boldly preached God's Word from the book of Ruth.