Men's Retreat This Weekend


Our Men's Retreat is this week from late Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon. Please be praying with us for the men who are attending from Sovereign Grace Santa Ana, Sovereign Grace Orange and Sovereign Grace Pasadena. 

Below are a number of answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. Where is the retreat?
    Camp Marantha Retreat Center in Idyllwild, CA. 
  2. What is the schedule?
    Our first session is on Thursday at 8pm. Plenty of time to drive up after work. We wrap up at 3pm on Saturday. 
  3. What are the accommodations like?
    We have two bunkhouses. Bunks are first come, first serve. You need to bring with you a pillow, sleeping bag, and sheets.
  4. I'm attending and would like to carpool. Can I get a ride with someone?
    Definitely. Contact Pastor Dustin and he will get you connected with a ride.