"Starting Point" - Sunday, December 2


A Meeting Specifically For Guests

Since we began meeting as a church in 2017, many new faces have arrived. Many new people are part of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana. We want to make sure that each of those people has every opportunity to be as much a part of the church as possible.

A One-Day, 2-3 Hour Class To Help You Learn About The Church

Starting Point is a one-day, 2-3 hour class held at the Houlton home immediately after Sunday service. Lunch will be served. You’ll learn what the church believes and how those beliefs are put into practice in the life of the church. You’ll learn how you can serve and how the church can serve you as you pursue Christ. It’s a safe place to ask questions.

If you’ve been a guest for 2 weeks or 6 months, this class is for you.

If you’d like to RSVP, email pastor Kyle Houlton at kyle@sovgraceoc.org.

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