Santa Ana is Official!


Approved For Funding. Approved For Partnership.

For the past year, Sovereign Grace Santa Ana has been functioning as a church, yet, technically is a “campus” of Sovereign Grace Church of Orange. They’ve been our lifeline for many needs, they’ve supported us with funding and they’ve been the “umbrella” church under whom we’ve operated.

At this year’s Pastor’s Conference, after Kyle submitted a 40 page prospectus describing the location and vision for a church in DTSA, we applied to be recognized as an official Sovereign Grace Church plant. What are the implications of approval?

  • Approval gives us the means to move toward becoming an independent congregation

  • Approval initiates a church plant grant from Sovereign Grace Churches, assisting us to take the next steps as we grow as a church

  • Approval formalizes our partnership with the churches in Sovereign Grace Churches and secures us into a family of churches granting us support, accountability, relationship, training, etc.

The big news: We’ve been approved!

How should you respond to this news? Praise God for the work that He’s doing in Santa Ana! If you’re a member of Sovereign Grace Santa Ana or have been praying for Sovereign Grace Santa Ana, this large step is a result of God’s grace particularly through you. Thank you for your Gospel partnership.

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