Setting Up and Tearing Down - Work For God's Glory


Making Sundays Happen Requires many Hands

Every Sunday, a team shows up an hour before the service to turn an empty Multi Purpose Room at Heninger Elementary into a functioning space for a corporate worship gathering. There are chairs to set up, children’s supplies to unpack, cords, cables, equipments, tables, coffee, signs … you get the picture. Our setup and tear down teams allow the rest of the church to worship without distraction, to have enriching conversations and to meet new guests. This is essential work and hard work and as the church grows, there’s even more work to be done. Here are a few ways that you can help:

  • Thank the volunteers who set up every Sunday - Nobody is doing it to receive thanks. It’s for God’s glory. That’s the point. But it sure is encouraging when others acknowledge the hard work being put in.

  • If you’re on the schedule to set up and/or tear down make it a priority that Sunday - It’s a team effort and every Sunday, there’s a different team. Please ensure you’re playing your role when you’re on the team.

  • Lend and hand occasionally when you’re not on the team - When men and women in the church bear one another’s burdens, it reveals the glory of the unity that God create din the Church through Christ. Sometimes, we get to literally and physically bear one another’ burdens!

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