Building On Firm Foundations


What Do You Do When You Come Across A Passage Like John 7:53-8:11?

Most scholars believe that John 7:53-8:11 was not originally part of the Gospel of John. It didn’t begin appearing in manuscripts until nearly 400 years after John wrote his Gospel. Why then do you still read it in your Bible? More importantly, if there are texts that shouldn’t be in the Bible, is everything up for grabs? Can you really trust your Bible? The answer is a resounding yes. And for good reason. Beyond being able to fully and completely trust your Bible as the written Word of God, there’s also something profoundly important we can learn from the passage in question. Even if it wasn’t part of the original manuscripts, there’s a reason the Church has maintained it for 1500 years.

This week, we’ve published the manuscript of last Sunday’s sermon online. Give it a read and learn how to approach a text like this and how to grow in godliness through it.

Read the message here.