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Gaining By Losing

Sovereign Grace Santa Ana is a mission of another church. It has been through the faith and generosity of this church that a new church in Santa Ana is being built. This past Sunday, our dear friends, brothers and sisters from Sovereign Grace Church of Orange made their biggest sacrifice and gave most generously. They gave Santa Ana their people.

While the members of the team in Santa Ana have been conducting services for the past two months in Downtown Santa Ana, they have now been sent to be exclusively committed to the city of Santa Ana. This is admittedly a loss for Sovereign Grace Church of Orange. But in losing their best people, they have gained a new church. And through this new church, God will save Santa Anans. New brothers, sisters and friends will be added. The Gospel will be preached in a new city. Pray for Sovereign Grace Santa Ana as we endeavor to spread the joy of Jesus in this new season. 

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