A Class For Any Guest

Starting Point - Sun. 12/2

The church is like a body with many members (1 Cor. 12:12). Our lives are connected. We need one another. Church membership is our way of ensuring everyone who belongs to our congregation enjoys the benefits and privileges of being Sovereign Grace Church.

We want to make it simple for anyone interested in becoming a member of Sovereign Grace Church to pursue the process. If you’ve been visiting for any length of time, this class is for you. Click the link below and register for the class on the afternoon of Sunday, December 2. Lunch and childcare will be provided.

Register For The Class Here

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Join The Christmas Choir


This year, we’ll host our Christmas Sunday service in Santa Ana on Sunday December 23rd and then on the night of Christmas Eve, we’ll join our friends at Sovereign Grace Orange for a Christmas Eve service.

The Christmas Eve service is quickly approaching and we are inviting you to sing in the choir.

All we require is that:

  1. You love to sing (we welcome singers of all skill levels)

  2. You can commit to one rehearsal before Christmas Eve

  3. You can be there on Christmas Eve

If you meet those requirements then contact pastor Dustin Smetona here.

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"Starting Point" - Sunday, December 2

A Meeting Specifically For Guests

Since we began meeting as a church in 2017, many new faces have arrived. Many new people are part of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana. We want to make sure that each of those people has every opportunity to be as much a part of the church as possible.

A One-Day, 2-3 Hour Class To Help You Learn About The Church

Starting Point is a one-day, 2-3 hour class held at the Houlton home immediately after Sunday service. Lunch will be served. You’ll learn what the church believes and how those beliefs are put into practice in the life of the church. You’ll learn how you can serve and how the church can serve you as you pursue Christ. It’s a safe place to ask questions.

If you’ve been a guest for 2 weeks or 6 months, this class is for you.

If you’d like to RSVP, email pastor Kyle Houlton at kyle@sovgraceoc.org.

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Men's and Women's Meetings in November

November 8 and November 29

Each month, we have a men’s meeting (2nd Thursday of the month) and a women’s meeting (4th Thursday of the month). These are context where men and women can grow in godliness together specifically as men and women.

Men meet at 7:00pm on the front patio of the 4th Street Market. Women meet together at 7:00pm at the Houlton home.

This month, since the 4th Thursday falls on Thanksgiving Day, our women’s meeting will be held on Thursday, the 29th.

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Darkness and Slavery

Jesus Offers The Solution To Anyone Who Acknowledges The Problem

Sin is behind all human suffering and all brokenness in the world. Jesus makes it clear that sin originates in the heart. It produces darkness and bondage. Oftentimes, we detour and deny, unwilling to admit that the problem isn’t “out there” but actually within our very own hearts. The problem is grim, but the solution is grander than you could imagine - Jesus Himself is Light and Freedom.

Listen to Sunday’s Message Here

Building On Firm Foundations

What Do You Do When You Come Across A Passage Like John 7:53-8:11?

Most scholars believe that John 7:53-8:11 was not originally part of the Gospel of John. It didn’t begin appearing in manuscripts until nearly 400 years after John wrote his Gospel. Why then do you still read it in your Bible? More importantly, if there are texts that shouldn’t be in the Bible, is everything up for grabs? Can you really trust your Bible? The answer is a resounding yes. And for good reason. Beyond being able to fully and completely trust your Bible as the written Word of God, there’s also something profoundly important we can learn from the passage in question. Even if it wasn’t part of the original manuscripts, there’s a reason the Church has maintained it for 1500 years.

This week, we’ve published the manuscript of last Sunday’s sermon online. Give it a read and learn how to approach a text like this and how to grow in godliness through it.

Read the message here.

1 Year Old This Sunday!
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Let’s celebrate

By God’s grace and for God’s glory, Sovereign Grace Santa Ana has existed for a year. That’s more than enough reason to throw a party. You’ve been involved in getting us to a year, now play a part in celebrating the anniversary.

Plan on staying after the service for a potluck and our first annual kickball game. There will be activities for the kiddos, including a piñata! Invite your friends and neighbors. Sign up for to bring food, drink or utensils below.

Sign up for a potluck item here.

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We Trunked and We Treated

See The Whole Photo Gallery Here

Last weekend, members from Emmaus Church Santa Ana and Sovereign Grace Church Santa Ana lined up their cars in the parking lot of Santa Ana High School. Kids from the neighborhood filed in, decked out in the Halloween best. Games were played, immense amounts of candy were handed out, faces were painted and new friends were made.

We’re grateful to Emmaus Church for inviting us to participate with them in this event. We love engaging in appropriate church partnerships.

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