Praying With and For Heninger's Families

Every Other Thursday In Front of Heninger Elementary

We’ve prayed for opportunities to serve the students, teachers and families of the school that we meet in on Sunday morning. By God’s grace, Angie Cunningham was able to connect with a parent who leads the Parent/Teacher organization of the school a couple weeks ago.

Through this connection, it was agreed that a great first step would be prayer. Thus, last week, 11 people, both from the neighborhood and our church, gathered outside the school early Thursday afternoon to do just that.

This is an evidence of God’s faithfulness to us and toward our neighborhood! We’re learning as we go, but for now, the plan is to gather every other Thursday at 1:15pm. So, mark it on your calendars and we’ll see you at the next one on Thursday, March 28 at 1:15pm!

Friday's Field Trip Was a Night to Remember

Effective Personal Ministry - Listening and Loving

This past Friday, our small groups travelled up to the city of Orange to join our brothers and sisters from Sovereign Grace Church of Orange for a seminar with Andy Farmer concerning what it means to “counsel” one another well. Many thank to both our sister church and Andy Farmer for helping us to grow in our ability to serve one another through this outstanding seminar.

Love, Know, Speak Do

Though we tend to want to assume we know what other people are going through, what the sin issues is in their hearts and even to know the appropriate solution, there are a couple steps that must always take precedence over the impulse to speak. Genuinely loving - expressing affection, care and concern and then genuinely seeking to know - asking open-ended, thoughtful questions, help us to then speak intelligently, humbly and faithfully toward one anthers’ real life situations.

Our small groups will be discussing this paradigm and how we can each grow in these areas the next time our small groups meet on Friday, April 5.

Women's Meeting Thursday

7:00pm at the Houlton Household

If you’re a woman, age 18 or above, consider attending our monthly women’s meeting this Thursday at 7:00pm. This is a ministry that’s entirely inclusive of guests, so if you’re not a member of the church - if you’re not even a Christian - we’d be delighted to host you. You’ll encounter a group of women eager to serve one another and love one another as Christ has loved them. No expectations. No need to bring anything.

. Please contact for details and location.

Picnic In The Promenade - Sunday, April 7

Bring Your Lunch and a Chair

Take the opportunity to eat lunch with your DTSA neighbors. Immediately after the service, we’ll be walking over to the 2nd Street Promenade to eat lunch and enjoy one anothers’ company while in the midst of the neighborhood God has placed us in.

Take the time on Saturday night or before you head to church on Sunday morning to put together a lunch for you and your family. If you forget to bring lunch, don’t worry. There are plenty of fine food establishments right next door, like the Gypsy Den, Congregation, Blackmarket Bakery and Lola Gaspar. For questions, contact

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

Jesus Is Not Leaving Forever

The disciples’ hearts were in turmoil on the night of the Last Supper. They had just learned He would soon be leaving them. But their lives were about to be turned upside down as they watched him within the next 24 hours fall into the hands of His enemies, being crucified and killed. Yet, Jesus looks at His friends and says, “let not your hearts be troubled” and follows this with rock-solid reasons for why the disciples - and any other Christian - can have security of soul even when the rug has been puled out from under your life. Listen to last week’s sermon from John 14:1-14.

Listen to the message here.

Our Small Groups Are Taking A Field Trip This Friday
small group field trip.png

Head To 161 S Orange St. In Orange

This Friday, March 15, we have a real treat. Together with our sister church, Sovereign Grace Church of Orange, we have the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of pastor and author, Andy Farmer. Small groups usually take place on this night, but we’re taking a “field trip”. This is for everybody in the church and is right around the corner, so make sure you register for this seminar the moment you read this post (if you haven’t registered already)! Details below:

FRIDAY 3/15/2019

2019 Communion Service Recap

We Ate And Drank In Remembrance

Our second annual communion service was a wonderful time of singing, listening, sharing, loving and remembering. A break from our normal order of service, our annual communion service is an entire Sunday celebration centered around the Lord’s Table. We share an actual meal together - many thanks to the hands that prepared the food, decor and everything else - and then we shared the symbolic elements (the bread and the cup) of the Lord’s Supper together.

There was no sermon and thus, if you’re looking for a sermon recording, you won’t find one this week. However, we were reminded as we shared communion together to remember specifically the love of Christ toward us. This love, according to John 13:34-35, is what our love toward one another is modeled after. It’s also this love which demonstrates to a watching world whom we belong to.

Register For Starting Point - This Sunday!


The church is like a body with many members (1 Cor. 12:12). Our lives are connected. We need one another. Church membership is our way of ensuring everyone who belongs to our congregation enjoys the benefits and privileges of being Sovereign Grace Church.

After The Service At The Houlton Home In Santa Ana

We want to make it simple for anyone interested in becoming a member of Sovereign Grace Church to pursue the process. If you’ve been visiting for any length of time, this class is for you. Click the link below and register for the class on the afternoon of Sunday, March 17. Lunch and childcare will be provided.


Women's Clothing Swap
Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 7.37.02 PM.png

The ladies of Sovereign Grace Santa Ana are “putting on” a clothing swap!

Bring your (and your husband’s/children’s) gently used clothes and accessories and swap them for some new fun-finds. This is a fun way to clear out your closet, eat a tasty brunch and share with the ladies in our church and neighborhood.  All women 13 and older are invited to participate, so invite your Santa Ana friends and neighbors.

When: Saturday, March 30th - 10 am to 12 pm.

Where: The Houlton Home - 1710 Heliotrope Dr., Santa Ana

Childcare: Childcare will not be provided, however if you have an infant you are welcome to bring them.

For full details contact Rebecca Erkelens

Welcome Our New Administrator!

Pray For Krista As She Begins Her New Role

As time has gone by and our small church has grown, so have the administrative needs of the church. It has become clear that an administrative staff person would only increase and multiply the effectiveness and efficiency of our mission in Downtown Santa Ana.

The position has now been posted for a number of weeks and we are thrilled to announce that, beginning March 18, Krista Alvarez will be filling the part time administrator position!

Next time you see Krista, congratulate and celebrate with her. As she begins her position, take a moment to also regularly pray for her. She will be serving this church and our neighbors in many different ways, but nevertheless, needs God’s grace and strength to do it well.

We’re looking forward to this next season with you, Krista!