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A Lot of Great Opportunities Are On The Horizon …

The regular patterns of fellowship with one another in the church through hospitality, small groups, and the building of individual relationships are where the life that God has created in the local church is most visibly seen. However, interspersed within these moments are special occasions - to grow, to learn and to simply have fun as a church. There are a number of these coming up between now and mid-summer, so get your calendars out and get these dates locked in!

Annual Communion Service

  • Date: March 10th, 5:00-6:30pm

  • Location: Heninger Elementary School

How To Use Your Words To Build Up Your Friends

Women’s Brunch

Loving Your LGBTQ+ Neighbors

Women’s Retreat

Refugio Camping Trip

  • Date: July 8-15

  • Location: Refugio State Beach Group Camping Site

  • Details: Register by emailing, indicating 1) # of campers and names 2) # of vehicles. Trailers count as vehicles 3) Which nights you’d like to camp

An even easier way to keep these events and others like them is to subscribe to our church calendar. You can do so here.

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Annual Communion Service - 3/10

Service Time - 5:00pm

The morning service is cancelled.

Come Sunday evening on March 10 for a service that has become a tradition in our sister church in Orange and is becoming a tradition at Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana.

Communion represents what binds us together as a local body of Christ. It serves as a stalwart reminder of where our hope lies. During this annual celebration, we devote an entire service to remembering Christ in this way and turn what is usually a small cup and a tiny cracker into an entire meal taken together.

Each family and member will have the responsibility of helping with food, so be on the lookout in the next couple weeks for individual assignments.

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Saying Goodbye Is Difficult

We Want To Be As Good At Saying Goodbye As We Are At Saying Hello

We Don’t Always Get To Keep Our Fruit

As a church plant, we have the privilege of building relationships deeply that are founded o the Gospel. We have the joy of welcoming neighbors who have become brothers and sisters. Sometimes, though, we have the opportunity to say goodbye as well. Though this can hurt, it’s oftentimes no less an opportunity for joy than in welcoming others.

This next week, one of our dearest and closest friends will be moving back to the Midwest. She’s leaving in faith and for the purpose of taking the Gospel to yet another group of people who need it just as much as Santa Anans. This is cause for joy and celebration. Why? Because God is behind it and is working for His glory and the salvation of others. Let’s say goodbye well and allow these to be opportunities to grow in our ability to trust God.

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Time and Glory

You Came To This Hour For The Glory of God

This past Sunday, as Kyle preached John 12:27-50, we heard the last words of Jesus’ public ministry. The emphasis was on time and glory. Jesus’ “hour” had come. The time had run out to hear the words of the Son of Man. The decision was before them: live for the glory of God or for the glory of man? The same decision is before us.

Listen to the sermon here.

Men's and Women's Meetings in February

February 7 (Men) and 21 (Women)

Each month, we have a men’s meeting on the second week of the month and a women’s meeting on the fourth week. These are contexts where men and women can grow in godliness together specifically as men and women.Since February started on a Friday, a conflict between small group and men’s/women’s meetings occurred, so our men’s and women’s meeting dates have been changed slightly.

Men meet at 7:00pm on the front patio of the 4th Street Market. Women meet together at 7:00pm at the Houlton home.

Men and women high-school-age and above are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Contact for more information.

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Read Through The Book of John Again

We’re 12 chapters into the book of John together in our preaching series. For the remainder of the series, the book “slows down”. The last 9 chapters cover the Passion week and just a few days following Jesus’ resurrection. Through longer books like this one, it’s often helpful to take occasional trips through the entire book to get out of the “trees” and see “the forest”. If you’d like to read straight through, we’ve made a version without chapter or verse divisions designed specifically for reading through long chunks at a time. Spend some time this week and catch a glimpse of the forest of the book of John again.

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Are You Willing To Follow Jesus?

To Follow Jesus Is To Follow Him On The Hard Road To Glory

There were many who wanted to follow Jesus while He was on earth. As He entered Jerusalem thousands hailed Him as King. They wanted to follow Him as their leader. But Jesus made it clear what exactly it means to follow Him. In John 12:12-26, we discover that following Jesus leads to glory - even honor from God the Father. But it also requires walking a hard road. And Jesus was about to demonstrate just how hard that road can be. Listen to last week’s sermon to learn more.

Listen to the message here.

Bring Us Your Ideas For Serving Our Neighbors

Last week, our church had the opportunity to partner with other churches and nonprofits and to serve our neighbors in a couple different ways. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we assisted with the 3rd annual MLK Breakfast hosted by Emmaus Church and attended by many city and county officials, churches and individuals committed to reconciliation within our city. We want to be a part of Gospel reconciliation between people in Santa Ana.

MLK Breakfast and 2019 Point in Time Homeless Count

On Wednesday evening, we participated in the 2019 Orange County Point in Time Homeless Count. It was literally an opportunity to meet and talk to our neighbors experiencing homelessness as we went out until the wee hours of the morning surveying the homeless in order to acquire accurate data so that the county can in turn provide the best and most needed support for those most in need around us.

There Are Other Opportunities All Around Us

We want to serve our neighbors and in turn, we want to tell them where their ultimate hope lies: in Jesus Christ. There are ready-made opportunities to do this all around us. If you have ideas, let us know! Email

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We Are Members, One of Another

On Sunday, January 27, Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana officially introduced its first new members. It was probably the largest class of new members we’ll introduce in the near future, simply because nearly everybody was a new member!

We practice church membership because we believe church membership is biblical. Church members are those with whom we practice the “one another”. They are those that we have committed to in the local church. They are those that we can be assured are committed to our growth in Christ. Church members are those whom pastors are accountable to lead and care for. Church membership is for the good of the church and the individual Christian.

If you’d like to learn more about membership or becoming a member yourself, click here. We’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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Picnic In The Promenade This Sunday

Bring Your Lunch and a Chair

This Sunday, take the opportunity to eat lunch with your DTSA neighbors. Immediately after the service, we’ll be walking over to the 2nd Street Promenade to eat lunch and enjoy one another’ company while in the midst of the neighborhood God has placed us in.

If you’re concerned about being late to your Super Bowl party, the big game doesn’t start until 3:30, so you’ll have plenty of time. For questions, contact

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