Pray For Our Leaders

God has equipped and established leaders in local churches. Leaders lead best when they're actively following the leadership of Christ.

This Saturday, the leaders (pastors, deacons, ministry team leaders) of Sovereign Grace Orange and Sovereign Grace Santa Ana will spend 12 hours planning, preparing and praying for Christ to lead our local churches. There might also be some playing. 

Would you pray that these 12 hours would be well-spent? We hope that God works through small moments like these to build His church and save Californians - to spread the joy of Jesus in our cities. 

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Serving Our Santa Ana Neighbors

We believe that God has planted Sovereign Grace Santa Ana in the DTSA neighborhood for the good of the neighborhood - to spread the joy of Jesus by proclaiming the Gospel and serving our neighbors.

Sometimes, serving our neighbors comes through big, coordinated and planned events. 

Sometimes, and much more often, serving our neighbors comes through meeting the needs of our neighbors one by one. We have the privilege of extending God's mercy in this way. 

This past week, a number of members worked together to help a family prepare for school by supplying school supplies, backpacks and uniforms. 

We praise God for His mercy extended through you.

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Joint Small Group This Friday

A Family Reunion

Months ago, Sovereign Grace Santa Ana multiplied small groups. Since then, God has built up those multiple small groups and strengthened the relationships between the members of each small group. This Friday, though, we'll all be together for a brief "family reunion". Come to the Houlton home at 7:00pm, bring a friend and enjoy the fellowship we have together in Christ. 

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Jesus - Our Great Unifying Figure

"Detroit has the Robocop. Philadelphia has Rocky. We have Jesus"

Jesus creates unity between people unlike anything this world has ever seen. This past Sunday, Luke Friedly, our friend from Sovereign Grace Church, Pasadena, reminded us from Psalm 133 how precious unity is to God and to what lengths God has gone to in order to create and preserve unity in His Church. It's our privilege to experience that unity and our responsibility to guard that unity. 

Listen to the sermon here

Volunteer At The TGC West Coast Conference

The Gospel Coalition is hosting its first West Coast conference in Fullerton, California from October 16-18. 

They are looking for volunteers from partner churches in the area to serve throughout the conference. All volunteers receive free conference registration, a t-shirt and meals during volunteer shifts. 

If you're available and able to volunteer, go, build relationships with other brothers and sisters from Southern California churches, be encouraged by the messages and bring a report back to the church!

Register to volunteer here. 

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Men's Meeting This Week

7:00pm @ 4th Street Market Front patio

Every month, the men of Sovereign Grace Church of Santa Ana meet to open up God's Word together, to pray and to learn from one another? Why? To grow as Christian men. As men, we need one another's example, encouragement and prayer in order to live godly lives in our own spheres. All guests are welcome. 

Who He Is Is All We Need

Come To Jesus For Jesus

This past Sunday, we had the honor of hosting Dylan Sohie, pastoral intern at Sovereign Grace Church of Orange while Kyle was away preaching at that very same church. Dylan is a young man who aspires to giving himself to leadership in the church. One of the ways that we can serve the process of raising up new leaders like Dylan is by giving them opportunities to preach God's Word.

Dylan served us well, continuing our series in the Gospel of John by preaching from John 2:1-11. 

Listen to the Sermon Here

Youth Retreat This Weekend

Youth Retreat This Weekend

The younger ones among us are the next generation of ambassadors for Christ to the world. They're worth investing in - as parents and as a church. 

Youth From Santa Ana, Orange and Pasadena

We have the privilege of partnering with our sister churches in Orange and Pasadena to send the youth from Sovereign Grace Santa Ana to a retreat from August 10-12. Pray for the youth and parents in attendance. 

One Of The Greatest Moments In The Life Of A Church

Baptism Throbs With The Movement Of The Gospel

Eli and Miguel confessed their faith in Jesus Christ before a crowd of family, friends and church family. They were then immersed in a pool of water and raised out from the water - a moment full of profound symbolism.

Baptism doesn't save anybody. Baptism, however, demonstrates and symbolizes that a saving work has occurred. It's an outward sign of an inward work.

Baptism Reminds Us That Jesus Is Saving Santa Anans

We could hardly be more grateful for the two young men who were baptized as a matter of obedience. But it also gives us a fervor for more. We exist to spread the joy of Jesus. Baptism is an evidence that His joy is spreading. Pray that we would have the privilege of baptizing more and more men and women in Downtown Santa Ana. 

Calling All Youth

We're a small church with great partners. While we may not yet have enough middle school and high school-aged youth in our church to have our own full-fledged youth ministry, there's still a place for them to learn and grow alongside their peers. 

A Youth Group We Share With Our Sister Church In Orange

Beginning in September, all middle schoolers and high schoolers at Sovereign Grace Santa Ana are invited to the monthly youth meetings hosted by Sovereign Grace Orange. Look to future blog posts in the next couple weeks or email for more details.